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Kasoa Business Awards is an award scheme designed and produced by Ray Multimedia to honour and award businesses in and around Kasoa for their stellar performances in the business world every year. The scheme was launched and held its maiden edition in 2020.

The award scheme does not only aim at honouring the efforts these businesses but also seeks to put them on the world map and international front and use this medium to inspire other businesses and entrepreneurs to work harder and strive for excellence.


The scheme has a strict laid down process from which organizers effectively select the very best of nominees for each category on its list.

The planning committee for the scheme announces their call for nomination entry and opens nomination portal usually before the first half of the year ends. Nominations entered are gathered and given to a strong panel of judges after the deadline for strict scrutiny to be shortlisted for the best nominees to make the final list of nominees for each category. The final nominees are unveiled in an event and voting portals are opened to the general public to vote for the best nominee for each category. The nominee with the highest votes is then awarded as the winner for their various category.


Kasoa Business Awards’ scheme awards deserving businesses in and around Kasoa who have put up stellar performances in the various aspects and categories of business and put them on the international front.


Kasoa Business Awards (KABA), aims to be one of the biggest scheme in the world that puts nominated and awarded businesses on the national and international front as well as inspire upcoming businesses and entrepreneurs to excellence in business to promote economic development in the Kasoa Municipality and its environs.


ray multimediaRay Multimedia is a media production house located in Kasoa that has film production and event coverage as its primary engagements. It also engages in photo shooting, act management and event management. Apart from being a business entity, Ray Multimedia is also passionate about the development of the Kasoa Municipality. In view of that, it has organized events such as Miss Kasoa to boost the confidence of ladies in Kasoa and inspire them to greatness to bring honour and development to the Municipality. It is for this same reason that Ray Multimedia designed and produces the Kasoa Business Awards’ scheme to boost economic development by honoring and awarding businesses in the Municipality and its environs.



This is a five member committee setup by Ray Multimedia to aid in the effective planning, coordinating and organization of the awards’ night.



NAME: Reindolf Boadi

ROLE: Chairman, Head of Logistics






NAME: Sandra Sefakor Fianya-Sedegah

ROLE: General Secretary and Human Resource






NAME: Edwin Nyanator

ROLE:  Member, Head of Media & Publicity



NAME: Geoffrey Prince Debrah

ROLE: Member, Head Of Finance


NAME: Obed Arthur Kobena Coffie

ROLE: Member, Graphic Designer

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